Place candidates above money-Nevers

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MMD president Nevers Mumba has cautioned Zambians not succumb to what he terms politics of the wind.

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And Dr Mumba has urged Zambians to vote for him in the January 20 Presidential polls because he is offering a leadership of trust and experience as well as new hope.


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The MMD President said this in his New Year message to ZANIS in Lusaka today.


He said Zambians should learn a lesson from the Presidential elections where they  voted for PF and regretted a few months later.


Dr Mumba said the PF government should help Zambians reason beyond a false movement devoid of morality further stating that the risk of undertaking another political experiment is too great to contemplate.


He said well-meaning citizens should fight for Zambia in a resilient and sacrificial manner for a fresh start in the country’s politics.


Dr Mumba urged Zambians to place the character of an aspiring candidate above his money, his promises and his ability to organize a successful campaign machine in order to succeed as a nation.


He wished Zambians a happy new year and described 2015 as a year of possibilities to expect the unexpected.


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