EBOLA : Possible Ebola patient from Nigeria taken to hospital in Madrid – The Guardian


Air France passenger is being treated at Carlos III hospital after reporting a fever during flight.

A passenger on an Air France flight arriving at Madrid’s airport was taken to hospital after he reported a fever and began trembling during the flight.

The passenger, who had travelled from Lagos, Nigeria to Madrid via Paris, is being treated as a possible Ebola case. He was taken by ambulance, escorted by a motorcade and with the driver in full protective gear, to the Carlos III hospital where he remains in quarantine.

After the plane staff informed ground crews of the situation, the plane was parked in a special area of the airport and the other 155 passengers were allowed to leave the flight as normal, said Air France. Health authorities took note of their details and advised them to contact the Carlos III Hospital if they show any signs of a fever.

The plane’s return flight was cancelled so that it could be disinfected, along with the passenger luggage.


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