2)–Marauding hippo terrorizes villagers

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Marauding hippo terrorizes villagers

Chavuma, Sept 15, 2014,ZANIS…….A marauding hippo is terrorizing villagers of Chiyeke and Chisengo areas in Chavuma district .

ZANIS reports that the wild beast has also caused damage to crops.

At least over 40 pupils from Chisengo area and other villagers are living in fear of their lives and have stopped going to school or seek medical attention from Chiyeke across the Zambezi river as the hippo is usually spotted at the Chisengo ferry point.

A team comprising of officers from the District Administration, Zambia Army and Ministry of Agriculture this morning rushed to the area to access the situation.

The trail of destruction left by the hippo is evident in most of the fields that have so far been inspected.

About 25 farmers in Chiyeke have not planted winter maize claiming that they fear having their maize damaged by the hippo.

The farmers have since appealed to The Zambia Wild Authority (ZAWA) to consider cropping the animal before lives are lost.

Two affected farmers who reported the matter to Chavuma District commissioner Lawrence Kayumba alleged that the hippo has been terrorizing them since August this year.