2)–Govt releases golden jubilee funds

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A group of Division Four Mbala Municipal Council workers have not been paid their salaries for 10 months.

The irate workers stormed the office of Mbala District Commissioner Best Kabulembe yesterday complaining about the non-payment of salaries.

The group later stormed the ZANIS offices to express displeasure over the 10 months arrears and accused Council management of failing to pay them despite raising enough revenue.

The workers complained that the council raises enough money through business levies, land rates and other taxes which it collects from the public but it failed to pay their monthly salaries.

They alleged that the Town Clerk, Kennedy Mwansa uses the money meant to pay their salaries on his own personal errands.

The workers  have since demanded for the removal of the Town Clerk for alleged failure to perform duties to their expectations and have vowed not to go back to work until they are paid.

And Mbala District Commissioner Best Kabulembe summoned the Town Clerk to his office to explain why the workers have not been paid for such a long period of time.

But Mr. Mwansa said that the council does not make enough money to pay its workers on a monthly basis but in arrears.

He however assured the workers that they will be paid one month salary today and another month after next week.