Luwingu District receives 7300 by 50kgs bags of basal dressing fertilizer

farmers women
farmers women

Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka has disclosed that only 7300 by 50kgs bags out of expected 22,000 basal dressing fertilizer has arrived in Luwingu district of the Northern Province.


Mrs. Katontoka explained that by yesterday, only 7,300 by 50 kg bags of compound (D) fertilizer adding no seed and top dressing fertilizer has been received in district so far.


She appealed to the ministry of agriculture and livestock to speed up the delivery of farm inputs before rains in the district because Luwingu in one of the districts in the province which starts receiving rains as early as October.


Mrs. Katontoka said the district expect to receive 44, 000 of both compound (D) and top dressing fertilizer for 2014/2015 farming season.


She further said that district is expected to receive 200kgs of upland rice, 1,112kgs of ground nuts and 11, 000kgs maize respectively.


Mrs. Katontoka expressed optimistic that top dressing fertilizer and seed will be made available as soon as possible in order for the department of agriculture to commerce distribution of farm inputs to the farmers in the area.


In another development Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has procured over 218, 359 by 50kg bags of white maize from the small scale farmers in luwingu district of the Northern Province since the exercise begun on 1st August 2014.


She said the programme of buying maize is going on smoothly in all the satellite depots in both constituencies of Luwingu district.

Mrs. Katontoka said farmers have continued receiving their dues through national savings and credit bank.


Meanwhile a survey carried out in the nearby bars found farmers enjoying, drinking bottled beer cleaning their throats after a one year hard work.


“It’s our time we are drinking castle and Mosi, yes we have been drinking illicit beer for the past one today is our time, another round bar man castle and Mosi please,” shouted one farmer.