PRESS RELEASE : Mortein pays tribute to the fight against Malaria!

Mortein, World Malaria Day, which was held earlier this morning at Northmead Primary School, APril 25th 2014
Mortein, World Malaria Day, which was held earlier this morning at Northmead Primary School, APril 25th 2014


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Mortein pays tribute to the fight against Malaria!

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Mortein, with the support of the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health hosted an event at Northmead Primary School in tribute of World Malaria Day on the morning of 25th April, 2014. For Mortein- a leading insect repellent brand in Zambia- education and awareness are key factors in combating the malaria epidemic. This year, as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts, Mortein decided to focus on educating the children of Zambia on malaria prevention, as children are particularly vulnerable to the disease. In order to maximise their impact on the young learners, Mortein hostied interactive and fun educational session that reinforced the message of protecting oneself against Malaria. Parents, administrators, teachers and the media all attended the festivities.

At the event, Mortein hosted Dr. John Banda, Malaria Programme Officer in the Ministry of Health, who shed some light on the programs that the Ministry and its subsidiaries have provided in order to combat Malaria. Mortein Representative for Zambia also presented insights on the future of Malaria and the company’s contribution to fighting it, thereby highlighting the Mortein Against Malaria Campaign.

In addition, Mortein made a generous donation of 1,000 mosquito nets. Product hampers were donated to the school, including both young pupils and teachers, as well as to the media and general public.

About Mortein’s Work in Zambia and Africa

Whilst significant progress in malaria control has been achieved in Zambia, it has not been sustained in all parts of the country; lapses in prevention coverage have led to a resurgence of infection and illness in rural areas of the Nation.  Children are the most vulnerable demographic, with three children dying from malaria each day in Zambia.

The Mortein Against Malaria Campaign is a program that engages with community leaders and community health workers, under which Mortein has so far contributed upwards of ZMW150,000 towards malaria relief and education. As part of this campaign, community health workers have mobilised a door-to-door malaria awareness program that is aimed at educating the community on how to effectively prevent the disease.  Those who show signs and symptoms of malaria infection are encouraged to seek treatment at their nearest health centre. Campaign materials have included posters, booklets and t-shirts and have all been distributed to help encourage greater awareness and action in the area.

Mortein has also founded numerous different corporate social responsibility projects that target high risk malaria zones. These programs have been successfully implemented across Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya.

About Mortein

Mortein is a leading household brand of insect repellent products and is a division of Reckitt Benckiser.  For more information about Mortein, visit

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