Sata counsels chiefs over boundary disputes in chiefdoms

Sata with Lamba chiefs
Sata with Lamba chiefs

PRESIDENT Michael Sata is concerned over the increased wrangles and boundary disputes in chiefdoms.
Mr Sata said it was disheartening that some chiefdoms were beset with succession disputes.
The President said wrangles among the family members in the selection process, were retarding development in the country.
Mr Sata said this in a speech read on his behalf by Vice-President, Guy Scott during the installation ceremony of Michael Sangu Tembo as Senior Chief Kalindawalo of the Nsenga -speaking people in Petauke yesterday.
“I hope that the re-gazetting of Senior Chief Kalindawalo will foster development in the Nsengaland as the role of the senior chief is important,” he said.
He said there was need for chiefdoms to quickly resolve their disputes to foster development.
The President urged Nsengas to continue rallying behind the senior chief as he was key to development in the area.
The Head of State assured the traditional leadership that the Government would continue fulfilling the campaign promises in line with the Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto.
The Government, Mr Sata said, was implementing a number of projects aimed at uplifting the living standards of people across the country.
Speaking earlier, Chief Nyamphande who represented other Nsenga chiefs commended the re-gazetting of Mr Tembo as chief.
Chief Nyamphande said Everson Mumba, who was ‘masquerading’ as Senior Chief Kalindawalo, did not support programmes initiated by the Government in Nyimba, Petauke and Sinda districts.
The Chief who was flanked by Chief Mumbi said all Nsengas were happy with the move by the Government to regazette Mr Tembo as senior Chief Kalindawalo.
Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni speaking people urged the Government to work on Farmer Input Support Programme so that it benefitted more people.
The installation ceremony was attended by Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister Susan Kawandami, Local Government Deputy Minister Forrie Tembo, Defence Deputy Minister, Joseph Lungu, Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary George Zulu and acting Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Zechariah Luhanga.
Other traditional leaders who attended the ceremony were Chief Mburuma, Madzimawe, Nyalugwe, Ndake, Mwanjabathu, Nyanje, Sandwe, Mumbi, and Mishoro.

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