NAPSA explains contribution eligibility


The National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) has warned employers that they would be prosecuted if they do not comply with remittance of workers’ contributions.

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NAPSA Customer Service Manager South Tapeya Phiri said employers who were in the habit of not remitting workers’ contributions to the authority will be prosecuted once identified.

Mr. Phiri explained that according to the national pension scheme act. No 40 of 1996 of the laws of Zambia, any employee with an income of K15 was eligible to contribute to the authority.

He clarified that domestic workers and gardeners were also eligible for contributions and urged them to demand for the social security number from the institution.

Mr. Phiri further said the authority was formed to provide income security against the risk arising from retirement and death hence the need for everyone to comply with the contributions.

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He reiterated the authority’s commitment to sensitise the public adding that people should also develop a habit of paying attention to sensitising massages in order not to be cheated.

He further urged employers to comply with officers on the ground and not perceive them as being there to harass employees.

NAPSA is on the ground urging employers to remit the contributions to the authority but this move has been received with mixed feelings from some informal employees.

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