Zambians are not bothered about cost of referendum – ZCSD

Zambia draft Constitution
Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) says Zambians are not bothered about how much is required to hold a referendum because they are ready to spend for the sake of having a people driven constitution.

ZCSD Executive Director Lewis Mwape has told Qfm in an interview that what is important at the moment is to have a legal framework and a clear roadmap on the constitution making process and other things such as where to get the money for the referendum will come later follow.

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Mr. Mwape notes that when government shows commitment in the constitution making process, many stakeholders will come in to fund the referendum as they will be inspired.

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He adds that the statement coming from government with regards the referendum clearly shows that government is not concerned and committed to giving the people of Zambia a constitution.

Mr. Mwape says the current constitution may favour the ruling Patriotic Front but warns that it will work to their disadvantage come 2016.

He adds that the Pf government should take the issue of the constitution seriously and stop mocking Zambians with statements such as it is not possible to hold a referendum before 2016.

Mr. Mwape says with commitment, it is possible for the country to hold a referendum before 2016.

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