Court asked to revoke estate appointment


A 53-year-old woman of Shantumbu area in Lusaka has asked the court to revoke the appointment of her elder brother as administrator of estate of her late son. Lonika Mwachisaka told the court that her 60-year-old elder brother Gibson Mwachisaka had allegedly misappropriated more than K11,000 which was an estate for her late son. Particulars of the offence were that after the death of Lonika’s son, Gibson and another relative Johnson Yasoni were appointed as administrators. Lonika told the court that the family decided to chose Gibson as one of the administrators of the estate because of the trust they had in him. From the time the two relatives were appointed, Lonika submitted that Gibson had isolated his fellow administrator, choosing to work alone thereby, raising suspicions among family members. “Gibson used to make unnecessary journeys in the name of an administrator. He has used about K11,000 alone without our consent,” she said. “I am comfortable with having Yasoni as an administrator who is honest, I, therefore, ask the court to revoke Gibson’s appointment.” In his defence, Gibson denied ever misappropriating the funds saying he had no problem with the calls for the revocation of his appointment as it was a burden on him. He said the revocation would allow him concentrate on his family as he was always moving to ensure that necessary documents for the deceased were put in place. Lusaka Local Court Magistrate George Kaoma sitting with Sharon Sichone revoked the appointment and advised the family to choose honest people.

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