Sexual encounter leaves college student hospitalised, bleeding profusely

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani
Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani

A COLLEGE student in Kasama has been admitted to hospital following a tryst in a bush with a much older lover that left him bleeding profusely from his private parts.
Kasama General Hospital authorities confirmed the admission of the young man from Lukashya Trades Training Institute, who also narrated his ordeal from his hospital bed.
The 28-year-old student, who requested to remain anonymous, said he had acquired an older girlfriend going by the name of Bana Kalaba and that the two had been dating for three weeks.
The student, who was visibly traumatised with the turn of events, said things turned sour when the two decided to consummate their relationship on Tuesday around 21:00 hours.
Due to the unavailability of private quarters, the two decided to meet in a bush near the school on Mungwi-Kasama Road.
However, immediately after the act, he began bleeding from his manhood, forcing him to seek medical attention.
He has labelled his now former lover a Satanist.
Head of a delegation of specialist doctors at Kasama General Hospital, Muhumpu Kafwamfwa said the student’s life was not in danger, and that his condition was nothing out of the ordinary.
“It is nothing strange. When someone is highly sexually excited, bleeding can occur and what likely happened is that spasms on the bladder caused the rupture of the small vessels,” Dr Kafwamfwa said.
Police, however, detained Bana Kalaba and one of her colleagues to help with the enquiry after the matter was reported to police.
Northern Province deputy police chief, Milner Muyambango said the two had not been charged but were detained to assist the police with investigations.

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  1. police in charge,otherwise it wud be defamation of character because she did nothing wrong according to the doctor’s analysis..