ZNWL applauds Sata for appointing Kapata, Mpande

The Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) has applauded President Michael Chilufya for heeding to their appeal to appoint women to ministerial positions left vacant by women ministers.

Board Chairperson Beauty Katebe says her organization has received with delight the news of the appointment of Ms Jean Kapata as Tourism and Arts Minister and Ms Ingrid Mpande as Deputy Minister for Community Development Mother and Child Health, respectively.

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Ms Katebe notes that the appointments are a step in the right direction in actualizing in real terms the pronouncements on the need for equity between women and men in key decision making positions.

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She has implored President Sata to go a step further and ensure that more women are adopted in pending by -elections so as to guarantee a pool of female MPs from which he may continue appointing and elevating them.

Ms Katebe has since congratulated Ms Kapata and Ms Mpande on their appointments and urged them to continue working hard as this is the only way to dispel age-old misconceptions on the ability of women to excel in positions of authority.

She further states that while it is true that Zambia as a country may not meet the benchmark of the SADC Declaration on Gender and Development of ensuring that there is 50% representation of men and women in all decision making positions by 2015, the country can still emulate other countries in the SADC region which have managed to increase the number of women in decision making positions through affirmative action like the reviewing of legal frameworks for more women to assume decision making positions.


QFM Zambia

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