Mulongoti denies being a mole in the alliance

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti

People’s Party (PP) President Mike Mulongoti has denied being a mole of the ruling Patriotic Front in the opposition alliance.

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Speaking in an interview with QFM News in Lusaka, Mr. Mulongoti says claims that he has been feeding the PF with information on the activities of the alliance are baseless.

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Mr Mulongot says he is too principled and matured to betray the other members of the opposition Alliance.

Mr. Mulongoti says though he has friends in the PF, he can not disclose the agenda and strategies of the Alliance to the PF because such a move would be detrimental to the success of the Alliance.

He explains that he last spoke to President Michael Sata when he came back from his working holiday in London and that he never spoken to the Head of State ever since.

===]Mr Mulongoti says he has been approached by certain people to find out the motive behind his attendance of State functions such as the International Women’s Day.

He says as a Zambian citizen, there is nothing wrong for him to attend such functions.

Mr. Mulongoti adds that he has nothing to hide considering that he joined the Alliance out of his own will in order to contribute one way or another to the development of the country.

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