Traditional leader urges subjects to work on roads

Hand Road Construction
Hand Road Construction

A SENIOR village headman in Chief Chipalo’s area in Luwingu District has appealed to his subjects to help rehabilitate roads which connect villages within his chiefdom instead of waiting for the Government to do so.
Senior headman Mucheleka said people should know that it was their duty to rehabilitate the small roads which connected one village to another while the Government was to rehabilitate and construct feeder and national roads.
The village headman was happy that most of the roads and other Government infrastructure were being rehabilitated countrywide.
He said people were happy with the rehabilitation of Chepeshi-Monongwa and Fikonkota- Chifwile roads which connect Chief Chipalo and Senior Shimumbi’s areas and some parts of Chilubi District.
Headman Mucheleka said once the roads were completed, movement would be easy as compared to the current situation where motorists shun such areas due to impassable roads.
He lamented that it was difficult to find vehicles to transport agricultural inputs to Senior Chief Shimumbi’s chiefdom and other areas because of the bad road network.
Headman Mucheleka urged the contractor to speed up the works on the roads.
“It is now our duty to make our small roads which connect village to village as opposed to waiting from the Government,” he said.
The senior village headman said the PF was a hard working Government although the President said it had useless members of Parliament.
He appealed to Zambians to desist from attacking the Government but consider offering constructive ideas aimed at fostering national development.
The traditional ruler also thanked the Government for bailing out the cash-strapped Luwingu District Council which had for years failed to pay its workers salaries and wages.
The workers are now getting monthly salaries and wages like those in other Government departments such teachers and nurses. -ZANIS

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