Nchelenge district poised for bumper harvest

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——Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) authorities in Nchelenge District of Luapula Province say the district is poised for a bumper harvest.

Nchelenge District Agricultural Coordinator (DACO), Davies Mwansansu, disclosed this in an interview with ZANIS.

Mr Mwansansu said the preliminary monitoring report of the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP)-supported maize fields has postulated that the district is on the brink of registering a bumper harvest this year.

The DACO attributed the expected upsurge in production to the increase in FISP maize packs from 2, 430 the previous farming season to 3, 600 for the 2013/2014 season.

He also observed that the early receipt of the inputs by his office and the subsequent timely distribution gave the farmers ample time to plant while the district has so far experienced good rainfall.

Meanwhile Mr Mwansansu said the implementation of the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) for the 2013/2014 farming season in Nchelenge district is 99 per cent complete.

He said the district has sold 3, 574 maize packs out of the total target of 3, 600 that were allocated to the district for this crop season.

The DACO said this translates into 7, 479 X 50 kg bags of urea and 7, 516 X 50 kg bags of D-Compound fertilizer, and 3, 574 X 10 kg bags of maize seed.

The DACO said only 26 packs of maize seed are remaining and was optimistic that they will be exhausted this week.

He said 324 packs of rice have been sold out leaving only a balance of six packs, representing over 98 per cent completion.

He noted that 37 packs of sorghum seed has also been sold, representing 111 X 50 kg bags of D-Compound fertilizer and 37 X 5 kg bags of sorghum seed.

He stated that this translates into 648 X 50 kg bags of both basal and top dressing fertilizer and 324 X 10 kg bags of rice seed.


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