Choma Dc urges community to enhance extended family ties

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Choma District Commissioner Benedetti Hamweemba has called on various communities in Choma to show love by extending a helping hand to the needy and less privileged people in society.

Ms Hamweemba said the community has a cardinal role to play in the social development of the vulnerable people in society.

Speaking when she addressed a gathering at Mwapona Community School where she gave out various school requirements to underprivileged children on behalf of Children of Firm Foundation, Ms Hamweeba said it was important for the community to get involved in the fight against poverty.

Ms Hamweemba noted that the population of Choma has drastically increased following the district’s pronouncement as provincial capital.

 She said it was however important for the people to embrace the extended family system and support one another rather than always running to well wishes.

 “There are very few people who are employed in Choma, the major source of income for most families is agriculture, hence many are lacking basic needs and live in abject poverty and families have a huge role to play in this regard,” she said.

Ms Hamweeba said the extended family concept had collapsed hence the rise in number of street children adding that communities should learn to bear one another’s burdens and shouldn’t leave everything to government alone.

And speaking at the same occasion, Children of Firm Foundation Executive Director, Linda Hachinenga said her organization was eager to supplement government in reducing the poverty levels of the less privileged people in society.

MS Hachinenga noted that the poverty levels in Choma stood at 54% citing that her organization would work with government to address the situation.

“The destructive path of HIV/AIDS has not spared us, it has also contributed to the high number of children on the streets, in that vein I would like to thank Children of a Firm Foundation for their passion for street children, orphans and the vulnerable children, ’’she said.

Ms Hachinenga said her organization has a heart for the vulnerable children and will endeavour to provide for their school requisites and other necessities.

The NGO presented gifs to the vulnerable children ranging from school books, pencils, rulers and uniforms.