Scott advises electorates to avoid tribalism in elections

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–Vice President Guy Scott says tribal inclinations do not work in Zambia because the country was founded on One Zambia, One Nation motto.


Unveiling and introduced the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) aspiring candidate Moses Chilando for the Katuba constituency to the electorates in Chibombo district today when he addressed scores of PF cadres, Dr Scott expressed confident that the PF candidate would emerge victorious on February 25, 2014.


Dr Scott advised the people of Katuba constituency not to listen to the opposition who he alleged were going round campaigning on tribal lines.


He said though the PF candidate was not Lenje, he appealed to the Katuba electorates to vote for him in next month’s polls.


“Don’t listen to tribal sentiments they mean nothing in Zambia, we’re one people founded on one motto. No fighting and no intimidation, vote for Chilando on February 25,” Dr Scott said.

He disclosed that PF in slowly closing-in on opposition strongholds because of the good fiscal policies the government was implementing.


He said the Katuba parliamentary seat is a litmus test for the ruling PF in the area that was highly dominated by the opposition for a long time.


The Vice President rated the ruling PF candidate as highly and better placed compared to the opposition aspirants.


Dr Scott also advised the PF members against engaging themselves in violent acts and urged other political players to observe the same order.


Earlier, Dr Scot held a private meeting with senior PF party members before the filling in nominations exercise.


The meeting lasted close to 30-minutes and he and his entourage proceeded to the nomination centre held at Muwanjuni Primary School.


Meanwhile, PF aspiring candidate Moses Chilando alias ‘Big Moze” said in a separate interview that he understands very well the sufferings of the people because he lives and stays with them in the area.


Chilando, a local business executive said he would develop Katuba constituency because the opposition had allegedly failed to do so.


The filling in of nominations held at Muwanjuni Primary School in Chibombo district was witnessed by PF Disciplinary Chairman Edgar Lungu, some cabinet ministers, PF Members of Parliament, senior PF party members and local community members.


Five other aspiring candidates from the opposition have successfully filled in their nomination papers with a call and pledge to develop the area once elected.


Returning Officer Mutandi Mwanamwalye flanked by Electoral Commission of Zambia officials announced that the filling in of nomination papers had officially closed at 15:00 hours.


National Restoration Party (NAREP) picked Joseph Mushalika Mushalika, Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) has Cecil Holmes as their candidate, National Revolution Party has fielded former Police Officer Shakespeare Mwakamui while Alliance for a Better Zambia has fielded Patricia Mwashingwele.


Others are Allan Malawo for UNIP and UPND’s Jones Shakafuswa.


The filling in of nominations was characterized by heavy security presence who were deployed at Muwanjuni Primary School where nominations were taking place.


The dice has been cast and the onus remains to the Katuba constituents to choose who will be their new parliamentarian on February 25th, 2014.