YVZ condemns suicide reports among pupils

Youth Vision Zambia (YVZ) says it is stupidity of the highest level for some young people to commit suicide because they have failed to make it to grade ten.

Commenting on a 16 year old girl of Luanshya who has committed suicide for failing to make it to grade ten ,YVZ Executive Director Amos Mwale says youths should value life at all times.

Mr. Mwale explains that there is need for young people to get serious with their studies than indulge in bad vices.

He notes that education is key to a better future hence the need for them to concentrate on studying hard and utilize their knowledge when facing examination.

He has also advised parents to ensure that young people pay attention to their books than wasting time roaming around the streets when they are supposed to be studying.

Mr. Mwale says it’s time for young people to be proud of their education and foster to drive the country forward by contributing positively to moving the country forward.