Cholera resurfaces in Mpulungu

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Cholera resurfaces in Mpulungu


LUSAKA, January 27, ZANIS — Cholera has once again just broken out in Mpulungu district of Northern province.


Both Ministry of Health Spokesperson Dr Reuben Kamoto Mbewe and Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe confirmed to ZANIS that the perennial disease has resurfaced in the lake town of Zambia.


Mpulungu district which is perched on the shores of lake Tanganyika is besieged with cholera outbreaks that claims many people’s lives and much hope had been mustered that for once the disease will not break out.


And according to a statement posted on the Ministry of Health website, five cases of cholera have been recorded in the district.


The statement said no deaths have been recorded but that four cases are currently under treatment and that a full report is being awaited.


Dr Kamoto said the Ministry of Health will heighten sensitization efforts and appealed to Mpulungu residents to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in order to minimize the spread of the disease.


“We want people to maintain hygiene, thoroughly cook food and properly use the latrine” said Dr Kamoto.


He further said that the Ministry will deliver Chlorin and ensure that all necessary medical supplies are made available.


Cholera is an infectious disease transmitted by a bacteria called vibrio cholerae that causes severe diarrhea, dehydration through vomiting and death.


Cholera is most frequently transmitted by water sources contaminated with vibrio Cholerae, although contaminated foods, especially raw shellfish also transmit the cholera-causing bacteria.