Stephen Masumba recalls 2013

Steven Masumba-SPORTS Deputy Minister -
Steven Masumba-SPORTS Deputy Minister -
THE year 2013 meant many different things to many different people but to the exuberant former sports deputy minister Stephen Masumba, it was nothing but a year of trials and tribulations, practically.

Mr Masumba described the year as having been an “extremely” challenging one, especially as it began on a “low low” note after losing his son, who drowned in a swimming pool, followed by him losing his ministerial position after he was convicted by the courts of law.
Mr Masumba, however, described 2014 as a year in which his life takes a new leaf with renewed determination, hope and faith for better things.
“2014 is my year to take a new leaf and take charge. I am still here and I hope that politically when I make a comeback it will be as a full cabinet minister because I feel that the President has groomed me through all the ministerial positions that I served while in government,” he said.
Mr Masumba said like any other productive youth in Zambia, he has a lot to offer through his vision to get involved in the governance system of the country.
“I am just a youth like any other and I also have big dreams and my vision is to participate in the governance system and contribute to national development. This is an opportune time for youths to make a difference, stay focused and work hard to achieve their goals and what they set out to achieve,” he said.
He said as Mufumbwe parliamentarian, his vision for his constituency is to further deliver development hopes to constituents, particularly the completion of the only boarding school in the district.
Development of Mufumbwe’s urban and rural roads will also be considered a top priority by Mr Masumba.
“Mufumbwe has many challenges which I have not yet managed to address, so I will dedicate this year to ensuring that all the pertinent issues affecting people in the district are effectively tackled.”
Mr Masumba, however, entered the year 2014 in style with gunfire shots in the air on new year’s eve in Ndola as he tried to scare some people he suspected wanted to steal his state-of-the-art Land Rover Discovery 3, which he says has special features such as an own phone.
Mr Masumba feels his Red Discovery, which he often drives while wearing his designer red wind breaker, is the only one of its kind in Zambia and can stand any type of weather.