‘Come; let us reason together’, Sata invites HH


President Michael Sata has advised opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema to take advantage of his (Sata) open door policy to engage government on national matters with sobriety and maturity.

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President Sata urged the UPND leader to seek positive and objective dialogue with the government on various matters of national interest following his (Hichilema) remarks that the Patriotic Front (PF) government was mismanaging the affairs of Zambia.

This is according to a statement released to ZANIS today by President Sata’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations George Chellah.

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The President noted that the people of Zambia were fatigued with Mr. Hichilema’s bitter, repetitive and empty rhetoric.

He said the PF government has refused to be dragged to the UPND leader’s lower levels of petty discourse.

Mr. Sata said government’s focus and preoccupation was to discuss policy, achievements and challenges faced so far and projections for the future growth of the country.

The Head of State said he has recently endeavored to inform the nation on several issues ranging from infrastructure, industrialization job creation, economic growth, inflation, commercial banks’ lending rates and the country’s debt, rural development and achievements in the health sector as well as update on the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).

President Sata further encouraged Mr. Hichilema to utilize his (Sata) facebook page and other government communication platforms to isolate himself from reckless rumour mongering and speculative claims about the economy and the growth of the country.

Yesterday, Mr. Hichilema alleged at a press briefing that the PF government had no policy direction that should guide the country economically.

Mr. Hichilema further alleged that the Patriotic Front had failed to inspire Zambians on the economic and social front adding that the people expected government to give them clear key areas of focus in the country’s social and economic affairs.

The UPND leader also charged that the PF had taken Zambians for granted by not taking issues of governance seriously.

Mr. Hichilema said it was regrettable that Zambians have to allegedly push government to get a constitution when the PF promised to come up with a people driven law of the land within three months of assuming power.

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  1. It’s not only HH criticising the PF government. The heat is just being felt by those concerned.