Opposition alliance formed, General Malimba Masheke as Chairperson


The birth of an opposition alliance whose Chairperson is former Prime Minister in the UNIP Government, General Malimba Masheke has been announced.

The alliance called Alliance of Opposition Political Parties in Zambia has been hatched under the theme, “Save Zambia, Zambia Deserves Better,” comprises the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ), People’s Party (PP) and the opposition Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED).

Announcing the alliance at a media briefing in Lusaka today, alliance Coordinator and ABZ president, Frank Bwalya says all political parties that are part of the alliance will continue to operate as independent political parties.

He says as time goes members of the alliance will explore ways to strengthen it and that if Zambians demand that the political parties merge to form one bigger political entity, the idea will be considered at that time.

The ABZ president adds that members of the alliance will further come up with a modality to elect one presidential candidate for the 2016 general elections with all political parties in the alliance having the right to forward a name, which name may be of the leader of the party, for election and subsequent adoption as presidential candidate for the alliance.

He says the goal of the alliance is to offer people in the country a servant leadership that would unite the nation and accelerate development the reason why members of the alliance are prepared to confront the many foreseen challenges.

Fr Bwalya further states that the risk that members of the alliance are taking is being done on behalf of millions of Zambians who have called for the formation of the alliance to offer a formidable alternative to the alleged bad leadership of the ruling Patriotic Front.

And Fr. Bwalya has disclosed that consultations for the formation of a committee of elders to serve as an advisory council have reached an advanced stage and that once the consultations are over, the names of men and women that will be part of the council will be announced.

He has also disclosed that the alliance will soon come up with a technical committee to serve as a think tank with the responsibilities of among other things preparing documents such as a common manifesto.

He says the Technical Committee will draw its membership from all participating political parties and that it will also include non-partisan experts and other interested citizens.

Fr Bwalya adds that as for by-elections and other elections that may arise between now and 2016, it is the alliance’s intention to come up with a strategy of fielding a common candidate.



  1. Time will tell – it’s too early to celebrate – awaiting their constitution and manifesto and President.