Sata and Kabimba Joint Business Venture, and IIunda Chalo Investments – Brown Chiabale Kapika

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika
Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

President Michael Sata and Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba are both shareholders

in a company that is reaping a lot of money from roads contract. President Sata and Wynter Kabimba

own a company called Ilunda Chalo Investments Limited together with an Indian Citizen named Imran

Janmohamed.The secretary of the company is a Dean Mwansa Mumba and this company was

registered on August 24, 2012 when Sata was already president.

Their Ilunda Chalo Investment limited is getting 10 percent of all major roads contract. Ilunda Chalo

Investments limited is also in the process of acquiring thousands of hectares of land along the

Leopards Chirundu road in Chieftainess Nkomeshya’s area of Chongwe constituency were close

to 50,000 villagers will soon be displaced. And it is not known why this Indian Citizen called Imran

Janmohmed is a shareholder of this Company.

This Company (Ilunda Chalo) is being managed by a Mr. Matale, and for those who have been

wondering why Kabimba is so strong and untouchable by Sata, the answer has been availed to you.

Kabimba is a business partner with President Michael Sata.

This company is also said to be working with an engineering consulting company called Zulu Burrow.

Zulu Burrow has been given a number of contracts under the Roads Development Agency (RDA).

President Sata, and Kabimba relatives are attached to this consulting company.

RDA is headed by Charles Mushota who is Wynter Kabimba’s brother in marriage. Mushota is married

to the young sister to Wynter Kabimba’s wife. Charles Mushota replaced Benard Chiwala a non

corrupted person.

Mushota was fired as head of procurement at RDA by former President Rupiah Banda after receiving

reports from bilateral donors that he was corrupt. Sata brought him back to RDA. President Sata says

he is allergic to corruption(BUFI).

Please my fellow Zambian Citizen, on all your behalf I am challenging, and calling your President

Michael Sata and PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to stand up and defend the facts over IIunda

Chalo Investment Limited and it’s connection to RDA. And I would like also to know from you Mr.

Michael Sata why the RDA is attached, and operates to State /Government House. And why you Mr.

Sata you have been fearing to expel Wynter Kabimba from the Government has a result to pave way

for some corrupt allegations, and proper investigation ? GMB has already resigned to pave way for

the same.

May GOD Bless Zambia, and the People of Zambia.

Mr. Brown Chiabale Kapika

President for : Adedo Zamucano / United Party For Poor Zambia People, and Anti-Corruption

Movement (UPP-ZACOM)

Note : From 24 October 2014 Adedo Zamucano will change its name to UPP-ZACOM in preparations

for 2016 General Elections and we have already submitted the New Name to the Registrar of –