Kalomo -Mubanga road casual workers protest over unpaid wages


OVER 50 casual workers who engaged to work on the 32 kilometres Kalomo -Mubanga road have protested over the non- payment of their dues by a named local Zambian contractor who has since reportedly left them unattended to.
The 53 workers who stormed Zanis offices today have since detained a hired grader at the site after draining fuel from its tank and removing the earth moving equipment’s batteries which is currently parked at Kalomo’s farming Training centre

BMK Zambia limited personnel who came to get their hired grader were shocked to find that the workers have removed some of its accessories demanding payment of their dues claiming that if the equipment moves away from Kalomo, no one would attend to their grievances as it was the only surety for them to get their money.

The workers were working for a K25.00 per day and have accrued three months arrears.

The contractor only known as Ketrom Limited is not known to the workers as he is reported to have been using his supervisors to engage the locals to work on the road.

The same supervisors have since bolted leaving without leaving any traceable fixed addresses.

Both the district administration and the labour department have also confirmed the development.