Kalaba Districts calls for ngwees


Kalaba Districts calls for ngwees

Kalabo, July 4TH , 2013, ZANIS ——– The business community in Kalabo district has complained of the serious shortage of the newly introduced currency coins in circulation in the district.


ZANIS  reports that Kalabo Merchants Association (KMA) spokesperson Samuel Masiye confirmed the development in an interview in Kalabo DISTRICT, TODAY.


Mr. Masiye says  there was a serious shortage of both one kwacha (K1) and fifty ngwee (50N) coins in Kalabo District.


He explained that this has  forced the business community in the area  to  unintentionally  sell their clients other  small items whenever change was not available.


Mr. Masiye said that although the business community in the area  were fully using the new currency , it was  disappointing  that were very few  coins in circulation.


He appealed to the relevant authorities to quickly move in and address this plight.