Shangombo residents reject new DC

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Residents of Shangombo district in western province have given a two weeks ultimatum to newly appointed district commissioner Dominic Lisulo to vacate the office.

The development comes exactly three weeks after the dismissal of former district commissioner Martin Mwauluka who had his contract terminated for alleged misconduct.

The residents are now demanding that the newly appointed DC vacates office because they want to have a district commissioner who was born and bred in the area.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, a Mr. Kafunya told ZANIS in a telephone interview today that they will not accept strangers in the office of the district commissioner anymore.

Mr. Kafunya explained that Shangombo unlike other districts in the province and the country as a whole has always been subjected to  what he termed “strangers and second class material for district commissioners".

He added that it was not a question of whether Mr. Lisulo can perform or not but that the residents have decided to settle for Sioma district Commissioner Mubiana Mutomena who acted in the position for two weeks.

Mr. Kafunya stressed that government should show its commitment to the people of Shangombo by moving Mr. Mutomena from Sioma to Shangombo .

The residents have claimed that Mr. Mutomena has not only demonstrated quality leadership in the two weeks that he acted as DC but that he was also born and bred in the area.