Sale of new uniform discontinued

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——The controversial uniform which was introduced by former administration at Ibolelo Secondary School in Serenje district has been banned by the new administration.

Ibolelo Secondary School head teacher, Sunday Mukosha confirmed the development to the PTA executive committee during the meeting held on Friday last week.

Mr Mukosha said that it was sad to compel pupils to buy new uniforms which was so exorbitantly priced which majority of pupils could not afford, resulting in many grade eights and tens prefer to look for places in other secondary schools and making so difficult for the school to raise money to purchase a school mini bus.

The head teacher has since instructed the stores officer at the school to immediately stop selling the uniforms to pupils, citing wrong procurement procedures of acquiring the new uniform as among the reasons for the discontinued sale.

And PTA Chairperson Titus Longwe thanked the new administration for the stance taken to ban the sale of the uniform saying it had sent wrong signal to the parents.

Mr Longwe has called on the new administration to work hand in hand with the PTA for the development of the school as opposed to the former administration which worked in isolation.

The banning of the uniform was disclosed at the institution during the evaluation of invoices towards the purchase of the school mini bus.

The former administration has since being transferred to other schools.