Find better life for your children, court tells 21-year-old single mum

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Zambia Daily Mail by Online Editor on 6/1/13


THE Lusaka Boma Court has lambasted a 21-year-old unemployed single mother for being impregnated for the second time by her fellow unemployed boyfriend aged 23.
The court has since advised the young woman to instead focus her energy on trying to find a better life for herself and her children by acquiring an education or skills training as opposed to concentrating on sex and marriage.
This was in a case in which Tamara Lubinda of Garden sued her boyfriend Lovemore Zulu of Kabanana for child maintenance. The duo already has a six-year-old son.
But Zulu told the court that the reason he does not support his child or his pregnant girlfriend is that he has been out of employment for a long time.
Lubinda told the court that Zulu is an irresponsible father and does not care enough to know whether his son is in school or not.
In the more than six years we have been together, Zulu has been irresponsible. He does not provide for his child or give me money to buy him clothes and other necessities. I have to struggle to provide for my child even when he knows that I do not work and I am not engaged in any income-generating activity, she said.
Lubinda said she decided to sue Zulu for maintenance because she wanted him to be consistent in providing finances for the child. She demanded that Zulu pays her KR500 as child maintenance every month.
When asked by the court why she decided to get pregnant again from an irresponsible man, Lubinda said she had tried to leave him but he charmed his way back into her heart and made her pregnant again.
In his statement, Zulu said he used to support Lubinda when he had a job but that things changed when he was fired.
She is the reason I got fired because she used to follow me to the office to insult me. That annoyed my superiors, who eventually fired me. I do not have a job but I can manage to pay at least KR150 monthly, he said.
After castigating the duo, the court ord