Honour freedom fighters when they are still alive – Unionist

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The Public Service Retires Union of Zambia in Eastern Province has called on Zambians to honour and accord former President Kenneth Kaunda and other freedom fighters the respect that they deserve when they are still alive.

Provincial Union Chairperson Evans Malama says there is need for people in the country to appreciate and acknowledge what the former head of state and other freedom fighters did for the country.

Mr Malama told ZANIS in Chipata today that Dr Kaunda and his friends sacrificed their time, resources and energy for Zambians to be economically and socially independent.

He noted that soon after getting in to government Dr Kaunda did a lot of things to change the lives of people in the country in order to fulfil his campaign promises.

He cited the building of schools, hospitals and the construction of the Tazara railways, the Oil pipeline and the Ndola oil refinery which created jobs for Zambians as some of the projects that uplifted the living standards of people in the country.

Mr Malama added that Dr Kaunda also introduced the one Zambia one Nation and humanism concepts which united the 73 tribes in Zambia hence brought about inter tribal marriages which also strengthened tribal ties.

He said there are a lot of things that Dr Kaunda and his fellow freedom fighters did for the country that should grant them praises and honour when they are still alive.

He explained that Zambians should not embrace a culture of only praising someone for the good things they did when they die.

Mr Malama stated that people should be honoured and appreciated for their contributions to the development of the country.

He noted that it does not make sense to honour people for good things they did for the country when they have died instead of doing so when they are still alive.

Mr Malama has since urged government and the general citizenry that as Zambia celebrates this year’s Africa Freedom Day to honour and praise Freedom fighters for their distinguished service to the country during the independence struggle, Dr Kaunda should be the centre of the celebrations.