Indian company to set up integrated sugar estate in Kawambwa

The human cost of a sugar giant avoiding taxes - Pix source -
The human cost of a sugar giant avoiding taxes - Pix source -

Nava Bharat Ventures of India will this year set up an integrated sugar estate in the Luena Farm Block in Kawambwa District.

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa who is currently in India on an investment tour conducted by Nava Bharat said today in Samalkot town that as part of the PF government’s programme to industrialise Luapula, the Indian firm would establish one of the biggest sugar plantations in Zambia.

Mr. Chilangwa who is accompanied to India by Kawambwa District Commissioner Ivo Mpasa said President Edgar Lungu had granted him permission to go  and persue the matter further and make inroads.

The Minister said he and Mr. Mpasa were in India to familiarise themselves with the operations of the company as part of the investment tours and meetings regarding the implementation of the Luena Sugar project.

Mr. Chilangwa said the investment would not only create thousands of jobs for the people of Luapula Province but also empower local people to venture into outgrower schemes to supply sugarcane to the company.

Mr. Chilangwa said the investment would create about 1000 direct jobs and over 10 000 indirect jobs.

He said he had told the investors to not delay because President Edgar Lungu had already talked against procrastination in the implementation of various developmental projects.

” The honeymoon is over, it is time for work, work and work. An integrated sugar estate is finally coming to Kawambwa. We have visited out- grower farmers in Samalkot South of Hyderabad who supply the cane to Nava Bharat Ventures as part of our investment tour and meetings  the implementation of an intergrated Sugar estate in the Luena Farm block, ” Mr. Chilangwa said.

Mr. Chilangwa said President Lungu’s desire was to completely change the face of Luapula Province and lift the people out of poverty.

He said President Lungu was in a hurry to actualise projects that had stalled by inviting various investors willing to invest in Luapula and the country as a whole.


  1. Thank to those who went and try to do what can be right to people of Zambia. hope things will come to happen soon.