AB Bank Zambia
AB Bank Zambia

With Zambia’s economy trembling, the country’s population continues to look for financial security. Through all this, AB Bank Zambia has managed to achieve very ambitious but attainable milestones, for example hitting K100 Million in credit portfolios. Armando Sirolla, the Banks CEO said this achievement show cases the exceptional and quality performance of the bank in delivering quality services to all its current clients.


Through this challenging period,  AB Bank Zambia has taken every opportunity to consolidate its growth though postponing some expansion plans for the moment and focusing more on efficiency, productivity and sustainability.


Clearly 2016 has come with its own challenges but AB Bank Zambia is focused on prioritising its clients in order to achieve all its ambitious plans. This milestone of K. 100 million in credit portfolios, falls in line with the great steps that the bank has taken towards contributing to the financial inclusion goals set forth for the country as a whole.  The banks PR & Marketing officer Martin Sikweti, feels this momentum has to be maintained in order to close off the financial year on a high and to make a statement while climbing up the financial ladder in an effective and efficient manner.

As it is right now, the bank is no longer rated or ranked in the lower tiers of the commercial banking sector of Zambia, with this credit portfolio AB Bank Zambia is 30% bigger than a select group of commercial banks within Zambia.


AB Bank Zambia is a classic example of the benefits that can be achieved through a successful public-private partnership.  Through continued partnerships, AB Bank Zambia will eventually be able to expand its service capabilities in future in order to accommodate the growing needs and demands of the general populous of Zambia, and continue to ensure access to financial services for those without the financial resources to obtain loans from other financial institutions. AB Bank Zambia is grateful for the continued support of its current clients.


Looking ahead, AB Bank Zambia looks to grow and diversify its customer base and take its place as a leading player in the Zambian banking sector while working hard to meet targets irrespective of economic slopes or curves in order to sustain profitable operations.

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