Kwacha gain impressive

zambia kwacha
zambia kwacha

YOUTHS for Transparency and Integrity (YTI) says the appreciation of the Kwacha is encouraging and is a sign of Government’s effort to stabilise the local currency.
YTI acting director Ndembela Daka is confident that the Kwacha will soon stabilise because Government is doing everything possible despite not receiving support from civil society organisations and opposition political parties.
“We are pleased to say that Government is on the right path.

The major problem in our country is that we only criticise and not provide solutions which could boost Government’s morale to work harder and strengthen our economy,” he said.
Mr Daka said all Zambians have a role to play in developing the country, and that stakeholders and political parties should not criticise unnecessarily as that would only hinder progress.



  1. Try to open the link, and read! People we should learn to dig deep, just the headline you start commenting, read the full story then comment. LUSAKA VOICE thanks for the infor. but that headline is deceiving.

  2. now u are talking so how much is dollar now and when is food going to reduce but this cant trick us next year 2016 HH

  3. Thnx 4 the good new bt my question is, when are the prices of goods going 2 reduce?