Meeting summoned to discuss barriers to dialogue in mining sector

Konkola Copper Miner - KCM
Konkola Copper Miner - KCM

February 9,


A tripartite dialogue has been called to discuss barriers to social dialogue in the mining sector from the perspective of the employers, workers and government.


The two days training workshop aimed at promoting fundamental principles and rights at work in the Zambian mining sector is being attended by representatives from government, the Labour movement and the International Labour Organisation (ILO).


Officiating at the function, Ministry of Labour Assistant Labour Commissioner Chinyanta Chikula reaffirmed government’s commitment to engaging all stakeholders on labour related matters to defuse the impasse of mistrust among the players.


Mr. Chikula hailed the importance of the tripartite discussion noting that the mining sector has recently attracted a lot of interest especially in the area of tax regimes, collective bargaining and its strategic position in the economic development of Zambia.



And ZCTU President Chishimba Nkole observed that lack of meaningful dialogue has led to unnecessary suspicious and mistrust.


Mr. Nkole said this has led to wastage of efforts that have been undertaken in the interest of promoting harmonious labour relations.


Speaking at the same function Zambia Federation of Employers Executive Director Harrington Chibanda said parties involved must consult and engage each other in an amicable manner if effective social dialogue is to be realized in the mining sector.


Mr. Chibanda said stakeholders should not be provocative in their approach to social dialogue as such an approach has great potential to disrupt operations.


The Zambia Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) and its mining union affiliates, Zambia Federation of Employers, Federation of Free Trade Union (FFTUZ) and its affiliates, ILO and officers from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security are all present at the workshop.