Transport expert welcomes plans on road cargo limits

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GOVERNMENT’s intention to limit weight of cargo moving on roads should be accompanied by stringent enforcement of the law, says Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport president Milton Sakala.

Welcoming Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga’s statement outlining measures intended to lessen damage caused on the roads by heavy goods vehicles, Mr Sakala said the initiative is commendable.
“This development is positive because it will sustain maintenance and prolong the life span of the road network and it will also boost operations for the railway sector but these proposed measures should be accompanied by stringent enforcement of the limitations,” Mr Sakala said in a statement.
“Therefore, we urge government to increase the support for the efforts currently under implementation by the Road Development Agency (RDA) to procure more mobile weigh bridges to ensure compliance to axle load limit on Zambian roads.”
He advised that continued investment in the railway sector is important if businesses are to get satisfaction from transporting bulk cargo on the railways.
Mr Sakala said heavy goods are causing heavy damage to roads such as Chingola-Solwezi which has suddenly become deplorable.
“The resources saved from road maintenance can be spent on other needy areas like improvement of safety of public passenger transport, improvement of more feeder roads for easy access to agricultural areas as well as access to medical facilities,” he said.

Zambia Daily Mail