Govt to float tender for supply of ethanol

Mines, Energy and Water Development Permanent Secretary Charity Mwansa has disclosed that government will in the next few weeks float a tender for supply of ethanol which government wants to start using to blend fuel in the country.

Ms. Mwansa explains that the tender will also include the setting up of a plant from which the blending of fuel will be done, which she says will further be a source of employment.

She says government has also been working in the background to establish standards for blending of fuel as well as developing a legal framework under which the process of blending of fuel will be conducted in the country.

Ms. Mwansa has told Qfm News in an interview that the commencement of the blending of fuel in the country will also bring on board the issue of biodiesel which was earlier thought the country could be producing from the Jatropha plant.

Ms. Mwansa notes that this venture by government is meant to reduce the price of fuel in the country.

qfm radio