NCZ workers call for Sata’s intervention

Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia LTD
Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia LTD

WORKERS at the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) in Kafue have appealed to President Sata to help reverse an alleged cancellation of several tenders on the supply of raw materials to the company by private sector for fertiliser production.

The workers at NCZ told the Daily Mail yesterday through their union leaders that hundreds of people’s livelihoods are at stake because the company may not make money if the decision to cancel the tenders is not reversed.
“We have been through troubled times at NCZ several times and so we don’t want to take chances. We are appealing to President Sata to intervene because we smell something wrong,” National Union for Commercial and Industrial Workers (NUCIAW) NCZ branch chairman Teddy Machalo said in an interview.
Mr Machalo, accompanied by his secretary Crispin Mubanga, said: “NCZ workers at large are worried. 75 percent of people in Kafue depend on NCZ for a living. May our President, Mr Michael Sata, intervene.”
Mr Machalo said while the Patriotic Front (PF)-led Government is creating jobs, some sections of society want to frustrate it.
He said NCZ has been tasked to produce 106,000 metric tonnes of D compound fertilisers by Government which must be ready by August this year.
“Let the raw materials start flowing now. We know it’s business interests at play but for us it’s about our families,” he said.
NUCIAW NCZ branch secretary Crispin Mubanga said if Government doesn’t intervene, the 2014/2015 agricultural season will be adversely affected.
Mr Mubanga said the Farmer Input Support Programme will not perform to expectations as fertilisers will not be ready.


Daily Mail