Proflight welcomes air competition

Proflight Zambia

Proflight Zambia says competition on the aviation industry is vital as it enables air service providers to keep their standards and products high.

Proflight Zambia Director of Government and Industry Affairs, Philip Lemba, said his company welcomes the news of the incoming new air service providers on the Zambian market.

Capt Lemba’s remark comes in the wake of the newly introduced air services on the Zambian market, among them the Tanzanian based No-Frills- Airline Fast jet, which will fly to and from Dar-es Salaam to Lusaka.

In a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Capt Lemba said the new service from Tanzania will bring additional traffic in Zambia, thereby helping to feed Proflights domestic network.

Capt Lemba reaffirmed his company’s commitment to continue offering a high level air services with safety reliability, efficiency and friendly services to all its customers in Zambia.