Govt will continue to attract foreign investment – Musukwa

Mines Deputy Minister, Richard Musukwa, second LEFT
Mines Deputy Minister, Richard Musukwa, second LEFT
Mines Deputy Minister, Richard Musukwa, says the government will not allow the people of Zambia to continue living in abject poverty when the country is rich in mineral resources.

Mr. Musukwa has told QFM News in an interview that for the past twenty two months that the Patriotic Front (PF) government has been in power, the government has put in mechanisms to ensure that it attracts foreign investment.

Mr. Musukwa says it is for this reason that government critically looked at the calling for the re-introduction of the Windfall Tax because government wanted to make sure that both parties benefit from the mining sector.

He says government has continued to tactfully and skillfully tax mines in such a manner that will create an enabling environment for the mining firms to do business in the country.

He says concerns raised by some members of the public that the PF has not created an enabling environment of doing business in the country, are baseless and lack credibility as it can be noticed with the growth of the mining sector under the PF.


  1. Your word Minister Sir, is not enough. First of all, stop unnecessary bye-elections; corruption among you ministers and PF members; and also stop creating districts without first of all thinking through, then what you talking about might come a reality. Otherwise, your speech today is just like any other speeches we have heard before which have not yielded any tangible results.