Proflight Dar-es-Salaam route to boost trade

Proflight Zambia

THE launch of the Lusaka-Dar-es-Salaam route by Proflight Zambia will help to further strengthen economic ties between Zambia and Tanzania.
Zambia’s Deputy High Commissioner to Tanzania, Elizabeth Phiri said the launch of the route would be enhance the economic relations, adding that Tanzania was enjoying a good bilateral relationship with Zambia especially in trade.
Ms Phiri said the longstanding relations between the two countries resulted in the establishment of joint ventures like the Tanzania-Zambia Railways Authority (TAZARA).
She said there had been a lot of trade taking place between the two countries, but that with the launch of Proflight flights trade was expected to increase because entrepreneurs would fly to and from Lusaka within three hours.
“I also believe that trade between the two countries will improve greatly with the launch of Proflight airline, because what has been hindering growth is distance,” Ms Phiri said.
Zambian-based regional carrier Proflight Z successfully launched its second international route on October 24, this year, making its maiden flight from Lusaka to Dar-es-Salaam.
Dar-es-Salaam is an important sea port for regional trade and provides a gateway for Zambian traders importing goods such as vehicles.
In June 2013, Proflight launched its first international flights from Lusaka to Lilongwe, Malawi.