Hakainde Hichilema
Politician and businessman Hakainde Hichilema

THE Christian Democratic Party (CDP) has predicted that President Edgar Lungu will win the 2016 general elections because he has demonstrated unmatched leadership qualities coupled with his determination to unite and develop the country.
CDP president Dan Pule said Zambians were enjoying peace and tranquility under President Lungu and those creating a perception that the country is ungovernable are enemies of progress and unity.
In a telephone interview, Dr. Pule wondered why some sections of society wanted to dent the image of President Lungu when the Head of State had done alot to ensure that there was peace and unity in the country.


He said the country under President Lungu had improved its image in the region and at the international level and that the country was attracting a lot of investors.
“Under President Lungu Zambia has enjoyed peace and that is why Iam saying that out of all political contenders President Lungu has a better chance of winning the election next year,” he said.
Dr. Pule said Zambia was not in a crisis as portrayed by some politicians, who he said were insinuating that the country was ungovernable.
He said some opposition political parties were criticising President Lungu because they were bitter after losing the January election.
“Talking about a crisis in this country is a figment of these politicians’ imagination. There is no crisis in this country; there is no trouble in this country. People are not in trouble under President Lungu and actually they are enjoying peace and stability,” said Dr. Pule.
He said that all political players must realise that Zambia had a President who was elected by the people and all presidential candidates that lost must realise that President Lungu won fairly and needed to be supported.
“Hakainde Hichilema must retire from active politics because he will never be a president of this great nation” Dr Pule added.


  1. Mr Pule should join the mines and get K900.His voice will begin to sound like tweety bird in one day! Get a life pliz!

  2. mr pule I think u made a mistake of telling our President to retire of which u shud retired &let mr akainde works

  3. It’s true he should go ku farm mu kuchema or ukuteka ingo’mbe.That’s the only thing he can do @ now.visionless HH

    • You are very correct,so that pipo like you continue to enjoy the fucked up economy.

  4. Any wise person knows that this is not the time to talk ill of the incoming president.if u do that on social media the whole country will descend on u.

  5. What demonstration ? The economy is in shambles ! Everyone is complaining ! Only an irresponsible and confused politicians are cool with things ! Pule is tripping big time !

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