Zambia’s economy impresses EU

European Union

THE European Union (EU) has said Zambia has remained a key investment destination with whom trade reached 950 million Euros in 2013.
EU head of delegation Gilles Hervio said in Lusaka yesterday that Zambia was among African countries with an impressive growth which called for improved trade, investment and political relations.
“Zambia is in many ways an attractive place to invest and we have seen several European business missions coming here these last years.
“All strong economies have a strong private sector, and we welcome the Zambian Government’s commitment to supporting private enterprise,” he said.
Mr Hervio said the relationship between Zambia and the EU was more focused on shared agendas in areas such as human rights, global issues, peace and security.
Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba expressed Government’s determination to strengthen bilateral and multilateral relations with the EU as it was a valuable partner in development.
Mr Hervio and Mr Kalaba were speaking during a Political Dialogue meeting focusing on foreign and internal policies, economy, trade and investment performance.
Mr Kalaba said Zambia would take part in the fourth Africa-EU summit to be held in Brussels, Belgium, next month.
“Zambia has been cooperating with the EU in various sectors including agriculture, energy, justice, finance and the environment,” he said.
Mr Kalaba was accompanied by Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Joseph Katema, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, Home Affairs Deputy Minister Nick Chilangwa, and his Justice counterpart Keith Mukata.
Others were Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary George Zulu and Justice Permanent Secretary, Josephs Akafumba.

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