President Lungu with other Heads of States at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
President Lungu with other Heads of States at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

WE should never subject President Edgar Lungu to a vote at the party convention because he has already been unanimously adopted by members as sole candidate, a party member Julius Komaki has said.
Mr Komaki said the Constitutional Court had also declared President Lungu eligible to contest the 2021 general elections.
And Mr Komaki has questioned the delay by the party executive to conduct provincial elections and its reluctance to resolve issues among members especially in Lusaka’s Mandevu constituency where there was seemingly a tug-of-war between the MP Jean Kapata and her constituency chairman Joseph Tamba.
Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Komaki, who is Lusaka Province youth chairmanship aspirant, said President Lungu was an undisputed presidential candidate for the 2021 general elections as all party members were in agreement that he was the only candidate they would rally behind.

He said allowing other candidates to challenge President Lungu to the party presidency will only breed confusion and divisions among members as opportunists who did not have the interest of the party would want to create confusion.
He said youths in the party were of the view that all NEC positions must be subjected to a vote at the convention except that of the president because the party had already decided who must lead them to the 2021 general elections against the opposition.
“Before President Lungu’s eligibility case was taken to the Constitutional Court, we had already endorsed him as our sole presidential candidate for the 2021 elections.
“In short, there is no contradiction as to who will lead us because we are all in agreement. Going forward, we, the youths feel to reduce on cost and unnecessary squabbles and divisions, President Lungu must not be subjected to any vote.

“As a party, we must leave no room for confusion because by 2020, we will be remaining with very little time to mend the party if any confusion erupted and we must all be magnanimous enough not to allow a repeat of what happened in 2015,” Mr. Komaki said.
And Mr Komaki said failure to hold provincial party elections and resolve internal squabbles was creating problems in the party.
“When the Lusaka provincial leadership was dissolved in April this year, we thought the elections committee had the capacity to hold elections in all the districts and would call for a provincial conference. But surprisingly, eight months dawn the line, we haven’t moved any step further and we are wondering what is going on.
“We are also worried that the party is tolerating internal squabbles.
The rift between madam Kapata and Mr. Tamba is worrying us in that if no common ground is found, that issue can divide us as a party.
“If the party leadership can fail to resolve the problems in Mandevu, which is in the bedroom of the PF? What about far-flung areas like Shang’ombo?” he asked.

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