Edgar Lungu is eligible to stand for election in 2021


The Constitutional Court has ruled that President Edgar Lungu is eligible to stand for re-election in 2021.
In its ruling the Court has determined that the term that President Lungu served after the death of President Michael Sata was not his.
Delivering judgment on behalf of a bench of seven judges, Constitutional Court President Hilda Chibomba said after considering the provisions of the constitution, the Court also determined that a period below 3 years, which President Lungu served, is not a term.

Judge Chibomba says the constitution has not however clarified what happens to the period the incumbent served between January 2015 and 2016.
He states that the Constitution does, however, clarify that the legislation meant that a presidential term should be five years and should run concurrently with the term of Parliament.
And reacting to the judgment ,PF secretary general Davies Chama says the judgment should now put a stop to all statements that president Edgar Lungu does not qualify.
And Gilbert Mweemba counsel representing the respondent Steven Katuka said they are yet to study the outcome of the judgment.