When I called for the resignation of the minister of religion the first day, it appeared like it was out of malice. It was clear from the start that this was a good human being who was being tempted to dance with the devil for a salary, a car and house. Today this minister who is supposed to be a Christian guiding the thieving government is now battling for relevance by using the name of Jesus like a make-up kit. I think the reality of her irrelevance is slowly getting in her face and she wants to fight it.

Rev. Sumaili is a good human being who just lost her direction. I have in the past said on this platform that I would never criticise the leadership of a church publicly partly because I am part of the Church and anything I say about the church or Pastors, Reverends, Bishops, Prophets etc has a bearing on my own belief. However, I will not hesitate to advise elements like Rev. Sumaili who wants to use the gospel to push a political agenda just to keep a job. If Jesus is in the PF boat then by implication she is saying the devil is with those who are outside the Chinese sponsored boat. So what nonsense is this? What gospel is this Pharisee preaching?

I do understand that the minister of religion has a relationship with the the Bread Of Life ministries under the leadership of my Bishop Joe Imakando and I know the leadership of this church has a standard. It is my sincere hope that Bishop Imakando and the Bread of Life leadership seek audience with the Madam Sumaili remind her of her Christian convictions. If this does not happen, this minister will do more damage both to the church in Zambia and to the testimony of Christ in general. In her struggle for relevance, she will say anything and do anything therefore a quick intervention is required. Assigning Jesus to the PF Chinese bought boat is divisive and an attempt to corrupt the gospel of Christ. It is saddening that someone who rose to the level of a reverend can soak herself so deep in the mad and forgets the principles and values thàt made are attractive even to the corrupt politicians. Instead of allowing her light of Christ to shine and unify the country, she has thrown it away and now busy searching in the dark.

I am also calling on all believers in a risen Jesus Christ to denounce the claims by the former Christian who now serves as a PF reverend. As Christians we have a duty and responsibility to promote and protect the purity of the gospel especially from those that deliberately want to Photoshop it to suit their selfish agendas. Jesus Christ does not belong to any political party and he is not in any political boat. If Jesus Christ is in a boat today, it is the boat of the poor people who are screaming for help as the storm of corruption is raging. If Jesus Christ is the boat today, he is with Vespers’ parents whose child was killed by a government which hired and pays reverend Sumaili. If Jesus is in a boat today, he is certainly not in a boat with those that steal money to buy luxury cars and build mansions whilst our people continue to sleep on the floors in our hospitals with no drugs.

Anyway, we will not sit back and watch the PF reverend continue in her path to discredit the gospel of Christ, we will pray and and act to save her from such destruction. Let’s reach out to her and give her the guidance. It’s not too late, Jesus is still saving lives and it’s not too late for her. We do not rejoice in the fall of another believer. I will be glad to reach out to her and try to share the gospel of light with her….if you have her number inbox me please we preach to her, the real Jesus needs her back not the jesus she has found in that Chinese bought boat.