UNZA no longer safe for students – Sensele

Government will open an inquest into the death of UNZA student Vespers Shimuzhila.

UNZA is no longer a safe place for students, says Livingstone former district commissioner Paul Sensele.
Commenting on the death of Vespers Shimuzhila after police teargassed students’ hostels to quell a protest at UNZA last Thursday, Sensele said the police could have acted professionally.
He said the death of Vespers and the injuries sustained by other students, including the loss of property, was uncalled for.
“We have a police force hiding under a police service. We have a police that has been highly politicised and does not respect human rights,” he said.

“Their actions at UNZA could have been handled in a better manner and the death of Vespers and the injury of others could have been voided.”
Sensele further said although he had never been to the university, he had travelled wide enough to say that UNZA was worse than a beer hall.
“Our university is no longer a safe place for one to go to. It is no longer a place that gives parents peaceful nights because they don’t know if their child will ever return alive or maimed,” he said.

“Worse, parents also don’t know in what state their child will be when and if one is able to complete their studies. The place is giving Zambia drunkards and sex addicts. I have visited Namibia’s UNAM (University of Namibia) and in that country you can tell the difference between UNAM and a beer
Meanwhile, Sensele said World Teachers’ Day was being used as a day to indulge in immoral activities such as sexual intercourse and beer drinking.
He said the Ministry of Education was fast losing value.
“I don’t regret to say this, but our teachers are slowly becoming so much immoral. They have taken their teachers’ day to be one when they are free to drink beer and indulge in sexual activities,” said Sensele. “The day is one that brings out the moral decay of teachers. What goes on during that day is nothing to be proud of, it is a day when married teachers be it men or women find an excuse to sleep out.”

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