Send Dr Miti on forced leave, over Henry Kapoko illicit activities

Henry Kapoko - centre
Henry Kapoko - centre

The National Democratic Congress NDC is urging President Edgar Lungu to consider sending his Principal Private Secretary Simon Miti on forced leave.
As NDC, we strongly believe Dr. Miti is directly involved in the Henry Kapoko illicit activities at the Ministry of Health.
Dr. Miti served as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health when over k 6.8 million kwacha was stolen by Kapoko and his associates.
Sending Dr. Miti on forced leave will give law enforcement agencies time to probe the State House aide.
Magistrate Exnorbit Zulu who handled the Kapoko case has raised serious concerns on why Dr. Miti was left out of the case.

Dr. Miti was controlling officer at the Ministry of Health and knew what was happening when Kapoko was stealing public funds.
It is puzzling that all the dubious activities by Kapoko and his associates eluded the attention of Dr. Miti.
Dr. Miti is directly involved in the Kapoko saga.
He knows exactly what was happening when Kapoko was abusing his office.
Dr. Miti should be allowed to face investigative agencies so that his name is cleared.
As NDC, we thus, welcome the conviction of kapoko and his associates.
The kapoko judgement should send a strong warning to all public service officers.
Therefore, the 18 year jail sentence imposed on Kapoko is appropriate.
As NDC, we also want to urge the ACC to probe Zambia Air force Commander Eric Chimese who has been sent on forced leave.

We have information that General Chimese was involved in a number of dubious corruption scandals at ZAF.
We therefore, urge President Lungu to forthwith dismiss Chimese so that his grand corruption activities at ZAF can be probed.
Issued by: Mwenya Musenge. NDC Secretary General.