Moise Katumbi should be Ejected From Zambia

Democratic Republic of Congo, drc
Moise Katumbi, the powerful governor of Democratic Republic of Congo's copper-rich Katanga province

Kitwe. 08.08.2018.
The National Democratic Congress NDC is urging the Zambian Government to immediately expelled Congolese fugitive politician Moise Katumbi from the country.
Mr. Katumbi is a danger to Zambia’s peace and security.
The continued stay of Mr. Katumbi in Zambia risks straining the long warm bilateral ties that Lusaka and Kinshasa have enjoyed for ages.

Mr. Katumbi is wanted in the DRC for a number of offenses, which offenses we do not want to discuss.
The Congo has its own internal problems that can best be resolved by the Congolese people.
It seems the Zambian Government has given “political asylum” to Mr. Katumbi.
We challenge our authorities to explain why they are hosting Mr. Katumbi. They should come out clean on this.
Zambia can not afford to get involved in a diplomatic brawl with the Congo.
The consequences can be too dare.
Zambia and the Congo share the largest common border and its people are one.
Yes, Mr. Katumbi might be a geneours and wealthy political leader, no wonder he has been given state security in zambia.

But for the sake of peace, let him leave Zambia.
Zambia and the Pf should draw lessons from history.
In 1998, Zambia was the target of an attack by a neighbouring country.
INDENI and TAZAMA were almost bombed because we were accused of hosting late UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi.
It had to take late Congolese leader Desire Kabila to fly to Ndola airport to quell what was going to be a war with another country.
As NDC, we feel, Mr. Katumbi is a danger to this country.
Its so nauseating that Zambian authorities have already forgotten how Mr. Katumbi was used by then President Fredrick Chiluba in some illicit activities.

Mr. Katumbi owned chain fisheries and we haven’t forgotten his dealings with the MMD Government at the time.
As NDC, we find it unfair that Mr. Katumbi is now being paraded as a Pf Carder signing praises for the regime.
He shouldn’t allow us to open the Pandora’s box.
Not too recently, Zambia hosted DRC President Joseph kabila here.
We where informed through state House that the visit by Mr. Kabila was a plus to Zambia.
This is because the visit furthered and codified the ties between the two countries.
Authorities in Kinshasa will definitely react sharply on the double standards that we seem to be exhibiting as a nation.
Mr. Katumbi can or has business associates in zambia, but using this country to launch a scratching political battle with a sovereign state is nothing but immoral.
Issued by: Mwenya Musenge. Secretary General NDC.