Edgar Lungu should consider splitting Southern Province into two – Kanyama


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should consider splitting Southern Province into two to accelerate development, says Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama.

Mr Kanyama said apart from that, the move would also reduce on the distance various departments have to cover to reach the provincial capital, Choma.

He said the province was too big and that it be divided into two for the purpose of accelerating development.

“My suggestion is non-political as some people may perceive it but the idea is meant to reduce on the long distance to the current provincial capital, Choma as well as to accelerate development,” he said

In a statement released yesterday, Mr |Kanyama appealed to the people of Southern Province to support his idea.

“I am calling on my brothers and sisters in the region to support the splitting of Southern Province into two and let’s put politics aside,” he said.

He promised to continue to lobby President Lungu to split Southern Province as the move would be good for the people.

Currently Zambia has 10 provinces and if Southern Province was to be split into two, the number would rise to 11.



  1. Kanyama you are a day dreamer. Masimpe yebo ulisondokede! You have brought a lot of confusions in Siavonga and southern province at large.