Zambia Police recruitment exercise lack transparency – Chipenzi


Human Rights Activists MacDonald Chipenzi has claimed that 2018 Zambia Police Service recruitment exercise is based on political and tribe lines.

Mr. Chipenzi told Radio Chikuni that more political party cadres are likely to be recruited in the services than people with proper qualifications.

He has stated that now since Zambia Police Service has been given a mandate to recruit youths in the services, they will use the loyalty they have on the ruling PF to recruit PF cadres in Zambia police service.

Mr. Chipenzi says Police Commissioners in the provinces cannot be trusted to handle this important exercise accusing them of being PF sympathizers.

And Mr. Chipenzi has further charged that One Zambia, One Nation motto is slowly phasing out as only a certain group of people are now benefiting from the nation resources.

Chikuni Community Radio Station


  1. What proof do you have to show that your allegations are based on facts and not merely politics ?