Sean Tembo sues Zambia Police

Sean Tembo, Edgar Lungu, GIven Lubinda
Sean Tembo, Edgar Lungu, GIven Lubinda

The case in which the Party President for Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), Sean Tembo has taken the Zambia Police Service to the High Court under cause number 2018/HP/490 has been scheduled for hearing on 23rd August 2018 before Madam Justice M. Mapani-Kawimbe at 0845hrs.

This is in a matter in which the Zambia Police Service allegedly violated the rights, freedoms and liberties of association, expression and assembly of the PeP members (who had fully complied with the provisions of the Public Order Act) by preventing them from undertaking their 13th protest against the $42m fire tender scandal, without lawful cause or authority, thereby violating articles 20 and 21 of the Republican Constitution.

The matter was initially scheduled for hearing on 25th June 2018 but it had to be adjourned because the PeP President was attending to another matter before another Court on the same date and time. The PeP President is hopeful that once this matter is concluded, him and other PeP members will be able to resume their bi-monthly fire tender protests, devoid of police intimidation, until the set target of 42 protests is reached. It must be noted that the only thing that will bring this matter to a conclusion is when the target number of 42 protests is reached, and not any form of intimidation by any person or institution.